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Special Offers & Sales

We recommend Setting an appointment even for browsing around as we try to limit the amount of shoppers in the store at the same time. Click on the blue Button to schedule a fitting appointment to browse the store. 

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December Early Bird Special!


All 2025 Wedding parties for April or later weddings are eligible to receive the following discounts if they schedule their fittings on or before December 20th and pay the base cost of their Package ($199 or more). 

  • $10 package discount

To be eligible:

  • Please make an appointment on the website for your fitting

  • Effective dates are November 1st  through December 20th

  • Remote fittings are eligible by calling in payments and submitting measurements by Dec. 20th

Wedding Referral program:

When a new wedding party comes in for a consultation they can list your name. If the wedding party sign’s up with us with a minimum of 5 people, the Bride or groom will get $20 off their wedding suit package. Once they sign up you can claim one of the following: $10 off a suit package, one tie, or one pair of socks. 


Notes: One referral per wedding. $20 discount scales down to $10 for packages $149 and under. Referrals must be mentioned at the wedding consultation. Shipping is possible but at the cost of the customer. 

Suits From $99
Our suits in 2 piece and 3 piece range in price from $99-$299 every day. 

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