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What We Offer

We believe in classic timeless styles for weddings.

Our typical wedding suit package includes the Jacket, Slacks, Shirt, Tie, and pocket square for $199, There are options to upgrade to suits other than our core 6 suits. We can also talk about other scaled down packages that would include Pant, shirt, and suspender packages. 

Judge-Wedding-120818-0404 copy.jpg

Tie Choices:

We have a large selection of ties in many colors and popular styles for your wedding. Almost all of our parties go with classic identifying tie colors for the groom, groomsmen, ushers and fathers. Please remember these are suggestions. 

- Groom: White or ivory to match brides dress

- Groomsmen: Match bridesmaid dress

- Ushers: Slight

- Father of Bride: White or ivory to match brides dress, but different style than groom.

- Father of Groom: Matching grooms style but also matching color of partner's dress. 

Vested Suits:

Having a vested suit allows for options for and after the wedding. More  importantly having the wedding party in vests, even if they only wear at the reception, allows the party to stand out from the crowd when the jackets are taken off. 



Most modern bridal dresses are not a bright white, they instead are Ivory or some variant of off-white. We have source Eggshell white shirts that are not brighter than a ivory dress but look white in photos. 


We carry Multiple options of brands including Bonafini, Nunn bush, and Florsheim starting at $65 in multiple styles and colors. Special features include full leather upper, Gel and memory insoles. 

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