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Q: Why rent when you can Buy?

A: with the average wedding rental costing $220 is doesn't make sense. Most gentlemen will a new suit fitted to them for less.  


Q: Why is it extra to order a different pair of pants?

A: Suits are typically Sold as a set with a drop 6 e.g. 42R jacket will come with 36 waist pant. Some companies have a separates program but it costs more to special order.


Q: What is the difference between a suit and a tux?

A: A tux is formal wear specific and has particular features setting it apart from a suit. Satin lining on the collar and pocket opening, satin buttons and sometimes a satin stripe down the leg, adjustable waist with no option to wear a belt. These specifics


Q: Why are alterations extra?

A: Alterations are done by local independant Tailors and the pricing reflects their services directly. Tailoring is not required to be done at this location.


Q: What do alterations cost?

A: Most guys average between $10-$50. Some guys may need more work and/or special order pieces that can add extra costs. Our goal is to be transparent throughout the process.


Q: What should I gift the Groomsmen?

A: Not everyone appreciates a monogrammed flask or a keychain. We recommend something they will use going forward. Shoes, belts and socks are usable for the wedding and after.


Q: Can I get the suits non-vested?

A: Only one of our stock brands comes non vested. Special ordering non vested suits typically costs the same price. We recommend sticking with the vested version and telling the guys to leave it at home. The potential cost savings($10 or less) could lead to different color batches.


Q: What if my friend/ family member lives out of state or country?

A: We ship suits to every state and even outside the country. They are required to get measured (download the remote fitting guide) and submit them to the website.


Q: What if you don't have the tie color we need?

A: If we can not find the right match or complementary match we can discount the package accordingly.


Q: Why do suit and tie colors need to be solidified so early?

A: The first reason is to solidify price for your groomsmen. Second we want to get everything ordered so we are not worried about inventory issues as we get closer to the wedding. Certain sizes  and colors will run out and cause delays.

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